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Release that star within every Friday at Tinga Tinga Bar karaoke night.

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The best hip-hop music, brought to you by DJ Tyron & DJ George. What are you waiting for?

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We've got Brunch and lunch specials; happy hour everyday. Any Indian liquor at Rs.99 from noon to 8pm.

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Drinking Too Much?

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It’s easy to forget that dry statistics represent real people and real lives. Drinking can be stress-releasing fun; jokes are funnier, people sometimes more outgoing, and cocktails and beer and wine taste great. And we support that, but we are also aware that it can cause reduced common sense: we do stupid things when we drink too much, like drunk driving.  At Ting Tinga Bar we’re here to help.

If at anytime you’re ever here — or anywhere for that matter –, and feel you’ve had too much to drink and can’t drive, tell a bartender, waiter or any management personnel and we’ll call or hail a taxi for you.  Below we’ll list (and be adding) phone numbers, websites and mobile apps of taxi and livery services.

Uber is a mobile app to locate available taxis

Mega Cabs: +91-80-47474747 anytime of the day or night, and within minutes, a metered, well-appointed air-conditioned taxi will arrive at your doorstep. - After introducing a unique and revolutionary 24×7 radio taxi service in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Ludhiana , Amritsar and Kolkata Mega cabs has now arrived in Bengaluru, to make traveling easier. It brings to you a world-class commuting experience, comparable with the most developed cities across the world.

Meru Cabs: + Meru Cabs delivers a reliable taxi service 24/7 by concentrating on each touch point with its customers and devising systems, processes or technologies that will deliver a reliable interface. Meru Cabs uses GPS/GPRS enabled technology in all of the cabs to ensure complete passenger safety.

If you find yourself drunk every night, or on select nights drink till you black out, you may have a drinking problem.  Below you will find links that deal with alcoholism and drinking and driving.

Alchohol Problems and Solutions Page

Signs, Symptoms & Help for Alchoholism


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