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The following is a list of 8 benefits that Maria has experienced using the NEO, as written by her.

1. Helps to reduce carb and sweet cravings. Although I have not seen the weight reduction as part of this, I am confident it will come.

2. It is much easier to build and maintain muscle strength, especially in my bad leg. I had full ACL reconstruction in 2010! So strengthening exercises while wearing the Neo, show positive results faster, plus you do not lose the benefit as quickly.

3. I notice less asthma symptoms. Shortness of breath is less frequent. Of course, I do not have a severe case of asthma to begin with.

4. In 2013 into 2014, I some extensive dental work. This caused some torn muscles in the very back of my jaw near the ear. It was not healing, even months later. Plus I keep re-injuring it, whenever I open
my mouth real wide. That finally healed, while wearing the Neo.

5. Since I was about 10 years old, I have been plagued with plantar warts on my right foot! My foot is scarred from hundreds of treatments to burn and cut out these horrible warts. They always come back
with a vengeance! When my husband was transferred from CT to NJ, we moved twice within a year. I let this wart thing go, because we were so tied up with the transfer. Then, I had to find another doctor, down here. By the time I went to the podiatrist, he backed away and said, “I will not touch your foot! I will send you to a specialist”. The specialist counted 40 plantar warts that she could see. She said her
estimate was probably conservative. It took an entire year of intensive treatment to clear this up! Not to mention the extreme pain involved! I have had to return to her, once every three to four months for
continuing reoccurrences.

To my delight, I have not been back to see her since last summer! Since
wearing the Neo, no new warts! That is HUGE for me! In addition, the Neo has helped to regenerate healthy tissue in the areas that were severely scarred. So much of my heel was cut off, that I actually no
longer had the insulating effects of the thick tissue, on that heel. Standing on a cold floor was torture. It has since improved.

6. I don’t experience menopausal brain fog like I used to. Mental clarity is an obvious and welcomed side effect.

7. My voice feels and sounds stronger! Although, if you ask my husband, he does not find that to be a benefit! Lol

8. Immune system has been exceptional, this fall and winter. Normally I would have bronchitis about now (January) and would have already suffered through several colds as well. This season, I have only
had 2 days that I felt slightly under the weather.

— Mary 


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