Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear them in the shower or while swimming?

Yes, the Neo’s are not damaged by water [waterproof].  The main issue with swimming with the Neo’s is keeping the device on the body so they don’t get lost. They must be taped very well, but with extended time in water even with lots of tape  you run the risk of losing them so you are taking a chance.  A shower does not carry the same risks as swimming and if taped well it should pose no problem.

Can I wear them anytime?

Yes, unless otherwise directed by an Acta Line practitioner.  For weight loss we’ve recommended the time that most people have found convenient but they can be worn at whatever time you personally feel is best.

Can I exercise while wearing them?

Yes, but we recommend wearing extra tape to keep them adhered to the body due to perspiration, we don’t want you to lose your Neo’s!.

Can I throw them in my purse or pocket?

We recommend you store them in the case provided when placed in purse or pocket.  If you do throw them in your purse make sure they are not in contact with you credit cards, cell phone, car key fobs or remotes   If placed in a pocket we again caution against placing by your wallet close to credit cards, etc,.  This website is focused on locations used for weight balance but there are many other locations used in ActaLine for other purposes and some of these are located in areas that pockets are covering.  We don’t recommend carrying Neo’s in your pocket for a long period of time which could result in influencing one of these lines.  This would not cause harm to you but we want the brain to focus on locations chosen for a specific purpose.

How close can I get to a person wearing a pacemaker or electronic medical device?

While wearing the Neo, we strongly recommend that you do not come in contact with people who have pacemakers or other electronic medical devices.

How do I clean the NEO?

Neo’s can be cleaned with soap and water, if it has sticky adhesive residue on it from tape goo gone can be used.  If you prefer a more natural way orange or lemon essential oil does the trick quite well followed by soap and water.

If I’m allergic to the dots (double stick tape) what can I do?

(wouldn’t put this here would put someplace else like a troubleshooting section don’t want them to put that in their minds)

If the NEO is on my wrist how will that affect my eating with utensils?

Secure with tape so that the ends overlap this will prevent the Neo from getting pulled off your wrist.  The Neo’s have a magnetic component so eat carefully unless you’re eating with friends, or people that enjoy a good laugh!  Forks spoons and knives will adhere to your wrist.  This will pose no risk to you or your Neo’s.  The good part is you won’t have to look for your utensils!  You can also opt for plastic utensils.  If you are aware of the possibility of wearing your utensils, usually any problems can be avoided by a little extra caution when putting your arms on the table.  Bon Appetit!

Is the direction of the arrow important?

Yes, the direction of the arrow helps with the energetic flow of the meridian lines or channels we are trying to balance.

How do I know I’ve placed the NEO on the right spot?

This is an excellent question because it is extremely important that the Neo’s are placed on the right location for them to do their job. Detailed instructions have been provided, try to follow these as closely as possible and you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the correct location.  Some people gently place some pressure on the spot and feel a slight pulse, a knot (not sure what to call it), or feel a tenderness.  The places we are suggesting for the body types are generally easy to located and place properly..

What can I do if the double stick adhesive dots do not stick to my skin?

Make sure your skin is free of any oils or cosmetics.


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