Danine L. lost 2.6 pounds and 2.4 inches.

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Danine benefits from the NEOs when she is consistent in using them . Throughout the study Danine has worn the NEOs on and off; has not been consistent in wearing them. At one point she didn’t wear them for almost a month. At other times she would wear them one week on and one week off, not following the schedule. In spite of the inconsistency she has expressed many times that the NEOs have helped her feel more grounded and she can handle her personal life better.

When Danine is consistent with the program she benefits greatly with weight loss. She has expressed that the NEOs have kept her weight at bay; she would have gained more if she wasn’t wearing them.

Danine says: “… I can definitely say with great confidence that had I not participated in this study, I would weigh 30 pounds more. This has been one of the more stressful times in my life, yet the NEO has helped keep me emotionally stable. My weight problem almost all stems from emotional eating. Keeping my emotions in check during this stressful time helped keep extra pounds off.”


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