Case Studies


Nathan K. has prevented weight gain.

Nathan loves using the NEOs for weight loss, in spite of not losing any weight or inches. He has expressed that he is happy with the results because normally this time of year he would gain 15 to 20 pounds. … Read more


John R. has lost 6.2 inches

John likes the NEOs. He has benefited from using them. He has not lost pounds but has lost 6.2 inches. John has physical (knee and hip) issues. The winter months were very hard for him; he ate a lot but … Read more


Ingrid B. has lost 20 pounds and 17.1 inches

Ingrid has definitely benefited from using the NEOs. Her weight has fluctuated but once she reduced her alcohol consumption her weight loss was rapid. She is very happy with the results. Ingrid has said that she has tried diet and … Read more


Doreen S. has lost 1.9 pounds and 14.1 inches

Doreen seems to like using the NEOs. Her weight has fluctuated but the NEOs seem to keep her weight at bay. While she has lost only 1.9 pounds, she has lost 14.1 inches. Doreen was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and is … Read more


Lea G. has lost 2.4 pounds and 6.4 inches

Lea has definitely benefited from the NEOs. She has expressed that she really likes using them and that they have helped her lose weight. Lea has had some health issues recently. The NEOs seemed to have switched focus to her … Read more


Jean G. lost 8.8 pounds and 12.0 inches

Jean has benefited greatly from the NEOs. She follows the program closely and love wearing them. Jean drinks plenty of water. She still goes out and parties, drinks and eats whatever she like and has still lost weight. Jean says: … Read more


Carol R. lost 13.2 pounds and 18.3 inches

Carol has really benefited from the NEOs. NEOs have really helped with her dental issues. In spite of the dental issues and antibiotics she has still lost significant weight. Carol also had a nice experience with NEOs. Her Mother had … Read more


Danine L. lost 2.6 pounds and 2.4 inches.

Danine benefits from the NEOs when she is consistent in using them . Throughout the study Danine has worn the NEOs on and off; has not been consistent in wearing them. At one point she didn’t wear them for almost … Read more


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