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AboutNEO.com is owned and operated by Precision Polarity Plus, an authorized agent of ActaLine.

Based in New York City we are available for consultations and guidance regading your NEO product.

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Our mission is to help people :

  • feel better
  • become healthier
  • lose weight
  • lose inches
  • maintain weight stability,
  • and experience an overall better sense of being.

Case Studies

  • Nathan K. has prevented weight gain.

    Nathan loves using the NEOs for weight loss, in spite of not losing any weight or inches. He has expressed that he is happy with the results because normally this time of year he would gain 15 to 20 pounds. … Read more

  • John R. has lost 6.2 inches

    John likes the NEOs. He has benefited from using them. He has not lost pounds but has lost 6.2 inches. John has physical (knee and hip) issues. The winter months were very hard for him; he ate a lot but … Read more

  • Ingrid B. has lost 20 pounds and 17.1 inches

    Ingrid has definitely benefited from using the NEOs. Her weight has fluctuated but once she reduced her alcohol consumption her weight loss was rapid. She is very happy with the results. Ingrid has said that she has tried diet and … Read more


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